Getting Your Network Solution to Market

Safe-for-Network Testing

Hardware and network-based solutions are multi-faceted and complex to design, build, and test. You need expert advice and ready access to all of the necessary resources to ensure that your product is able to maintain a competitive edge and get to market quickly.

Wavefront helps wireless companies and developers to prepare for mobile network operator testing by providing access to testing lab facilities, test equipment and in house expertise. Safe-for-network testing includes adherence to network standards specific to mobile operators including system acquisition, data-retry algorithms and general performance.



Wavefront Engineers Have Expertise In:

  • Advanced mobile test equipment capable of complex network  simulation and RF testing for end-to-end analysis of application  performance and network impacts
  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) RF exposure compliance testing
  • EMC compliance testing
  • Okanagan Research & Innovation Centre (ORIC)ís lab facilities and  technical equipment located in Kelowna, BC
  • Highly skilled wireless and data engineering teams to collaboratively  design test plans, analysis and evaluations