Wavefront has the resources and tools you need to grow your business.

We provide a nation-wide presence, long term support, deep wireless expertise, and strategic partnerships that are second to-none. Our team and network of experts provides strategic development services to help you grow your business with confidence. We support your efforts with our expertise in both technical solutions and business strategy development.

Technical Strategy:

  • Strategic Decision Making on System or Software Architecture
  • Mobile Strategy, including M2M Strategy
  • Identify New Mobile Technologies and Key Vendors

To learn about further technical solutions available at Wavefront, visit our Technical Resources page.

Business Strategy:

Business Model Review & Strategic Business Planning

Market Research & Validation

Marketing Plan Development

Competitor Analysis

Operating Efficiency Analysis

Access to Funding:

Numerous programs and services are offered through both the Canadian federal and provincial governments, as well as through private sources. Wavefront has connections to Canadian VCs and Angels as well as subsidized programs and services that take advantage of several sources of support including:

  • NRC-IRAP funding for qualifying business & technical projects across   Canada (BC, Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada)
  • GOA funding to subsidize our Global Market Entry programs
  • Support from BCIC in the operations of the Wavefront BCIC Venture   Acceleration Program
  • Support from the Canadian federal government under the National   Centres of Excellence program.

Contact us to inquire about how to maximize the value for each dollar you’re investing in your company’s growth.